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RIDM 2010: A Drummer’s Dream …go already!

Some of the drummers in this movie have been playing for decades while others are just beginning their musical journey.

What they share is the excitement and pure joy of making music. It’s truly a wonder to behold. Seriously. This is one hell of a feel good movie, and the applause at the end was thunderous.

In 2008, Montreal drummer Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr brought world class drummers Mike Mangini, Horacio (El Negro) Hernandez, Dennis Chambers, Giovanni Hidalgo, Raul Rekow to a summer camp in the wilderness where they shared their knowledge with 40 students.

(Most if the students seemed to be in their teens or even younger. There were a few older folks, but maybe they were chaperone/participants? I’m not sure.)

Filmmaker John Walker was there to document the happy goings on.

I never went to summer camp and I never wanted to go either. It didn’t sound like fun at all. But I certainly would have enjoyed a camp like this one.
(I’d enjoy it now, if I could).

The musicians don’t talk down to their students, and they aren’t in competition with each other. They’re very funny, too. The camaraderie is fantastic.

Some of the musicians don’t look old enough to have known each other for as long as they have.
I can only assume that doing something you really love helps to preserve a youthful appearance.
(Not to mention that drumming is quite obviously strenuous exercise.)

If you go (and you really should) take money so you can buy a copy of the film after the screening.

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