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  1. I loved the film. I’ve seen it in theater’s twice and have watched it on DVD over 20 times. I keep finding parts I haven’t noticed before, every time I watch it again. I’ve shown it to friends and family, and I keep showing it to more friends and more family, and everyone that see’s it becomes ecstatic on how deep a level they seem to connect to it, whether they be of a musical background or not!

    I recommend this to anyone who wants to be thrilled and blown away!
    Can’t wait to see the new fan content coming our in January!


  2. This movie blew my mind. Being a drummer myself I could relate to all that was being said by all the drummers in the group. It was inspirational,motivational and a real blast to see and it is Canadian!
    A movie that all would enjoy drummer or non drummer it is so well done.
    Congratulations to all who made this great movie possible.

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