Kent Nason – Cinematographer

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada; Kent Nason began his film making career with Crawley Films Ltd in Ottawa in 1969. He joined the National Film Board of Canada in 1973 as a cinematographer and participated in the formation of an NFB film production studio in the Atlantic region. He has photographed well over one hundred films in his career and has been a freelance cinematographer and videographer for the last ten years. Kent has also edited, directed and produced documentaries. He has traveled all over the world shooting films that have been broadcast internationally and screened at major film festivals.  Many of these programs have been nominated for and have won numerous awards. He received a Gemini in 1997 for best cinematography for the documentary series The Human Race hosted by Gwynne Dyer. Kent has photographed a number of award winning documentary series for television and enjoys shooting drama as well as documentary.